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Keven Hohl presents: Everything you wanted to know about Augmented Reality, but were afraid to ask!

Kevin will talk about the evolution of Augmented Reality development, from web cams in 2009, to mobile AR, to the launch of Quest 3 and Apple Vision pro. He will give live demonstrations of AR experiences that he has created throughout his career, explaining the technology behind each experience.

Aaron Williamson presents: Was Jesus a mushroom? The answer may surprise you.

The red mushroom with the white flecks goes by many names: soma, the Mario mushroom, the flesh of the gods. It illustrates art from medieval illuminated manuscripts to Alice in Wonderland. It’s been credited as the inspiration for the colors of Santa’s red and white coat and the Christian gospels. It’s a potent stimulant and soporific, perfectly legal, and grows wild in the backyards of St. Petersburg. Yet for many, the world’s most recognizable mushroom remains mysterious. This talk will explore the history, folklore, and psychopharmacology of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom and equip audience members to explore its magic properties at home.

Heather Judkins presents: A Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist at Sea

Dr. Heather Judkins is an associate professor at USFSP and as part of her research, she has gone out on multiple research cruises over the years.  She will be talking about her life at sea and share interesting stories about some of her favorite moments which include discussing the realities of ship life in the open ocean, observing the largest animals on earth, and working with her favorite group of animals- squid and octopus!