July 30 Nerd Nite

L.L. Kirchner presents: Florida Hustlers, Dreamers & Queenpins: True Stories You Won’t Believe

From smooth-talking con artists to wide-eyed dreamers with impossible schemes, Florida’s history is chock-full of personalities that’ll make your jaw drop. True stories that will remind you—truth is stranger than fiction. To write her first novel, FLORIDA GIRLS, LL Kirchner spent years digging up these tales of audacious scams, outrageous dreams, and some fierce women who outsmarted them all.

Bert Rubini presents: Solids, Liquids and Gases: Why do substances behave the way they do?

Everyone knows the difference between a solid, a liquid, and a gas. But WHY do substances exist in different phases? In short, it depends on how molecules are interacting with one another on an unimaginably small scale. My presentation will briefly describe what is going on at the molecular level which results in different properties of the phases and differences in melting points and boiling points. (It’s more fun than it sounds, I promise!).

Bambi’s Revenge presents: Roller Derby: Past, Present, and Future

Rollerskating has been around since 1743 when wheels were affixed to shoes of actors onstage to mimic ice skating. Roller derby started in 1935 as a promotional money making scheme for a businessman and boomed in the 1970s as a theatrical entertainment option by his offspring. The modern resurgence in the 00s speaks to athleticism, entertainment, camaraderie, and counter culture combined. Come out to learn the history of the sport and get a taste of the scene for yourself! Lace up baby!

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Welcome to Nerd Nite St. Pete!

We launched Nerd Nite St. Pete in February 2019 and had just enough time to perfect our craft before the pandemic forced us to take a break. Have no fear! We have been dusting off our nerd gear, practicing in front of a mirror, and getting ready to bring you the best monthly lecture event with an inebriated, salacious, and yet deeply academic vibe. Join us to hear about everything from deep sea creatures to wimpy clouds to obscure but exciting video games, and everything in between.

June 25 Nerd Nite

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Angela Blesener presents:
Unlocking the Benefits of Neuroplasticity: Your Starter Kit to Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Stepping into the world of Psychedelics: The intricacies of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy! Join us for a talk where we explore the art and science of harnessing neuroplasticity with intentional Ketamine use. Get ready to explore the journey from preparation to post-session integration with practical insights, science-backed research, and creative arts.

Mark Aeling presents:
Problem Solving for Design and Fabrication of Monumental Sculpture

Thinking big is fun and exciting but making big is full of complications. Mark will share insights into the creative and technical processes behind manifesting large scale concepts. Inevitably, the talk will get into the weeds regarding materials and techniques that allow for ideas to become reality and discuss how to rely on the known to resolve the unknown in the creative process.

Norah Mendoza presents:
Sharks and Scholars: The Power of Diversity in our Oceans and Science

Join me for an insightful presentation on sharks and the critical role of biodiversity in maintaining healthy oceans. As the Program Coordinator for Minorities in Shark Science, I will discuss the importance of diversity both in our marine ecosystems and within the scientific community. Learn how fostering a variety of species, as well as inclusive representation in research, leads to stronger, more resilient oceans and innovative scientific discoveries.

Highlight from March Nerd Nite

We friggin love this song! Thank you, Aaron Williamson, for being a Nerd Nite St. Pete pioneer – 1st presenter to sing their presentation, 1st presenter to post on Youtube, 1st presenter to give us an ear worm (in a good way)! Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this perfect piece of nerdom.

May 28 Nerd Nite

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This month’s amazing lineup:

April 30 Nerd Nite

Marguerite Boissonnault, Embodied Awareness: Catalyst for Transformation
John Broshears, Real Pathologists: Would you tell your mother if you became one?
Erica Moulton, Getting Wet with Robots

This month we are exploring how to apply skills from theater in our lives, what it’s like to be a real-world pathologist, and underwater robots! Join us for another dynamic and engaging St. Pete Nerd Nite event.

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See you at Bayboro Brewing!

March 26 Nerd Nite

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Keven Hohl presents: Everything you wanted to know about Augmented Reality, but were afraid to ask!

Kevin will talk about the evolution of Augmented Reality development, from web cams in 2009, to mobile AR, to the launch of Quest 3 and Apple Vision pro. He will give live demonstrations of AR experiences that he has created throughout his career, explaining the technology behind each experience.

Aaron Williamson presents: Was Jesus a mushroom? The answer may surprise you.

The red mushroom with the white flecks goes by many names: soma, the Mario mushroom, the flesh of the gods. It illustrates art from medieval illuminated manuscripts to Alice in Wonderland. It’s been credited as the inspiration for the colors of Santa’s red and white coat and the Christian gospels. It’s a potent stimulant and soporific, perfectly legal, and grows wild in the backyards of St. Petersburg. Yet for many, the world’s most recognizable mushroom remains mysterious. This talk will explore the history, folklore, and psychopharmacology of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom and equip audience members to explore its magic properties at home.

Heather Judkins presents: A Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist at Sea

Dr. Heather Judkins is an associate professor at USFSP and as part of her research, she has gone out on multiple research cruises over the years.  She will be talking about her life at sea and share interesting stories about some of her favorite moments which include discussing the realities of ship life in the open ocean, observing the largest animals on earth, and working with her favorite group of animals- squid and octopus!

February 27 Nerd Nite

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January 23rd Nerd Nite

Join us for the first St. Pete Nerd Nite of 2024 with three amazing speakers:

Linsey Grove, “Thank You for Dying: Public Health and Death”

Chad Mairn, “Science Fiction to Reality: The Future of Extended Realities and Artificial Intelligence”

Agustin Valenzuela, “NASA’s DART: One of the Most Important Missions of Planetary Defense”

Location: Bayboro Brewing, 2390 5th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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November 28th Nerd Nite

Join the Nerd Nite St. Pete crew on Tuesday, November 28th for our next event.

Location: Bayboro Brewing, 2390 5th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33712

We have some exciting speakers lined up! Matt Taylor, Allison Quatrini, and Dawn Shirreffs

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October 24th Nerd Nite

Join the Nerd Nite St. Pete crew on Tuesday, October 24th for our next event.

Location: Jazzy Cat Cafe and Lounge, 400 49th St. S St. Petersburg, FL 33707

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