February 27, 2024
Andrea Hayes, “Swallow in the Hollow”
Brandy Stark, “Valentwe’en, the Supernatural, and Q&As, Oh My!”
Dawn Hunter (Nerd Nite Boss), “The World’s on Fire! The COVID Era in Review”

January 23, 2024
Linsey Grove, “Thank You for Dying: Public Health and Death”
Agustin Valenzuela, “NASA’s DART: One of the Most Important Missions of Planetary Defense”
Chad Mairn, “Science Fiction to Reality: The Future of Extended Realities and Artificial Intelligence”

November 28, 2023
Ali DySard, “Will the Sun Shine on Florida Man?”
Allison Quatrini, “Subversive Holidays: Partying as Political”
Matt Taylor, “How to Live Loop Like a Boss”

September 26, 2023
Thanks to our speakers at the Relaunch of the Relaunch! It was a great event.

Cathy Salustri, “Disney Saves the Everglades (No, Really!)”
Ricardo Williams, “Marvel at the Death of Cinema”
Philip Gravinese, “A Changing Climate is Nothing to Shell-a-brate!”

Pre-Pandemic Gallery